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Leading with Strategic Intelligence

Are you an experienced manager in a public sector organisation? Would you benefit from strengthening your strategic thinking skills and developing more strategic behaviours in your organisation? Would you benefit from networking with other experienced managers and leaders?

Leading with Strategic Intelligence is designed for experienced middle and senior managers who are seeking to define and apply strategic thinking to their leadership style. Leading with Strategic Intelligence supports managers in developing strategic leadership skills in a changing public sector. The program focuses on the issues that are most relevant to managers and leaders through facilitated discussions and formal presentations. You’ll emerge from the course feeling more confident, empowered and supported to operate successfully as a manager in the public sector.

Leading with Strategic Intelligence is uniquely effective for public sector managers because it is:

  • Designed specifically for managers in government.
  • Delivered by public sector management and leadership professionals with extensive experience working in government.
  • Residential delivery ensures you quickly feel comfortable and focused in a non-threatening, supportive and respectful environment.
  • Offers you the opportunity to share your experiences with other managers.
  • Promotes self-awareness of management and leadership qualities by using a 360° feedback profile that provides multi-rater feedback on strategic intelligence in the workplace.

If you’re a leader who wants to master strategic leadership skillsLeading with Strategic Intelligence can help you

The ability to think strategically is a key success factor at a senior level in the public sector. The opportunity to take a few days out in your public sector career, to consider the challenges of the job and share your experiences with peers from other government agencies is particularly beneficial.

Your employer will also benefit because the program will enhance your ability to move from the specifics of day to day public sector operational, service delivery and policy work to the much bigger picture overview required in the strategic dimension of work.




Course Details
Delivery mode Face-to-Face
In house
Duration 2 days

For all enquiries please email or call 1300 882 895.