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Leading Change

Successfully bringing about significant changes in direction or strategy involves more than just changing policies and procedures, it requires changes in paradigms about the role of government, organisational culture, and attitudes and behaviours throughout the organisation. This is a leadership task, not just a logistical one and is at the heart of the implementation challenge.

This program is designed to develop participants’ skills in leading change – from start to finish. It will cover a range of skills, from choosing the most appropriate type and style of change, leading consultative processes that build commitment and manage expectations, planning implementation to bring about behaviour change, announcing change in a way that builds support and dealing with resistance in individuals and groups. It will also cover the challenges of leading non-stop change and tips on how to change organisational culture.

Who should attend

This program is aimed at middle and senior level managers and leaders in the public sector, with a focus on individuals who have significant experience in managing others.

The program is directed at managers wanting to develop their skills in bringing about changes in attitudes, behaviour and work practices.

A range of issues are covered in the program

  • Deciding what style of change to introduce – top down directive or consultative approaches
  • Choosing an appropriate method of communicating about change, including how to announce change to staff and other managers
  • How to implement other people’s changes successfully and still be loyal to staff and your managers
  • How to plan change – what factors need to be considered
  • Conducting effective consultative meetings – how to open the ‘can of worms’ and still get positive results
  • Resistance to change – what to watch for and how to work with resistant individuals

Program options

This program can be delivered in a standard format or tailored for in-house delivery to meet particular organisational circumstances. We recommend the program be delivered away from the workplace where possible, to ensure participants are able to focus on the program content.

While the program is usually delivered as a two-day workshop, it can be altered to meet the specific needs of Departments or Agencies. It should be noted that the program is intended for senior and middle managers who have existing experience in performance management – this program is not intended for new supervisors.

Additional elements can be added where appropriate, including 360 degree feedback tools, behavioural diagnostics and post-program performance coaching.



Course Details
Delivery mode Face-to-Face
In house
Duration 2 days

For all enquiries please email or call 1300 882 895.