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Influencing Skills in Leadership

Typically we spend a large part of every day influencing in one-to-one exchanges with managers, staff and peers. Sometimes the need to influence becomes more explicit when managers are required to present their agency’s policy and programs to less than enthusiastic, skeptical and sometimes aggressive audiences.

Influencing depends on having effective communication skills and the ability to think on your feet, but successful influencing also requires a strategic approach. This involves understanding whose support you need in order to progress the ideas you want to pursue, and knowing how to build and maintain that support over the longer term.

This is very much a practical workshop, with you planning and practising your influencing skills from the very start and working on issues specific to your work situation.

Who should attend

This workshop looks at skills for influencing from a range of perspectives - how to make quick and persuasive pitches to your manager, making persuasive presentations to groups, and planning more strategic approaches.

As the program is designed for participants drawn from a wide range of Public Sector Departments and Agencies, not more than five participants can usually be accepted from any one agency for a single program.

A range of issues are covered in the program

  • Types of influencing - verbal persuasion and behavioural approaches; using and developing your power ethically; giving persuasive presentations of all types; influencing tactics and how to combine them into basic styles
  • Tactics for dealing with opposing views and those who are undecided
  • Generating enthusiasm through your communication style; • Announcing changes and understanding the impact that emotional reactions have on people’s ability to see the benefits of a change and how to work with people who are most resistant to change
  • The individual verbal and non-verbal communication patterns and processes that work together to make a message compelling

Program options

This program can be delivered in a standard format or tailored for in-house delivery to meet particular organisational circumstances. We recommend the program be delivered away from the workplace where possible, to ensure participants are able to focus on the program content.

While the program is usually delivered as a two-day workshop, it can be altered to meet the specific needs of Departments or Agencies. It should be noted that the program is intended for senior and middle managers who have existing experience in performance management - this program is not intended for new supervisors.

Additional elements can be added where appropriate, including 360o feedback tools, behavioural diagnostics and post-program performance coaching.



Course Details
Delivery mode Face-to-Face
In house
Duration 2 days

For all enquiries please email or call 1300 882 895.