Public Sector Programs

With the continued use of the Queensland Competency and Leadership Framework (Qld AO), AIM has taken the initiative to map our programs against the required competencies. The mapping of AIM programs to the Qld AO was carried out with permission from the Queensland Public Service Commission.

Mapping to the Qld AO gives Public Sector staff the ability to choose development programs that are closely aligned to their required competencies and will increase knowledge, skills and ability as part of their continued journey with the Qld Public Service.

Public Sector Mapping


In addition to its qualifications, AIM can also deliver the following diploma programs in-house for government clients:

In-house Programs

In addition to its catalogue of short courses, AIM can also deliver the following custom training programs, in-house for public sector clients:

Public Sector Specialist Courses

Delivered by the Centre for Public Management (CPM)

CPM specialises in the development and delivery of management and leadership programs for the public sector. We aim to build management and leadership capability in the Australian Public Sector through a focus on understanding people and improving individual performance.