Voice of Management Research

As the 'voice of management', AIM Qld & NT explores a number of new and innovative initiatives in order to support management and leadership development each year.

Innovation - The New Imperative
A new survey research report by the University of Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Management examines systemic innovation capability in Australian organisations. The study of Australian industry has determined a failure of business leadership is acting as a drag on workplace innovation and business profitability.

Learning & development in the public sector - Discussion paper
In an era of fiscal restraint, the outlook for all forms of public sector spending, including internal agency spending on learning and development (L&D) is challenging. The L&D budget is often an early target when agency budgets contract. AIM has produced this discussion paper because we believe that L&D should be treated as an investment to be managed, not a cost centre to be minimised.

The Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) 2013
The Australian Management Capability Index (AMCI) 2013 is the second in a series of AIM surveys which provide an opportunity for CEOs and senior executives to track management performance over time and contributes to building a longitudinal profile of management capability in Australia and overseas.

Engaging and retaining older workers - Discussion paper [PDF; 222Kb]
Australia's ageing workforce is a big issue with bigger ramifications. AIM has a produced a comprehensive discussion paper on the topic which looks at what caused the problem, who it will affect most and the best ways to address it.

Managing in a flexible work environment - Whitepaper [PDF; 500Kb]
This paper has been produced by the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT. AIM believes that flexible work arrangements should be at the core of how Australian organisations do business. AIM's white paper identifies the necessary skills for managing flexible work environments and discusses how they might be put into practice.

Gender Diversity Management - Whitepaper [PDF; 405Kb]
This paper has been produced by the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT in partnership with the Australian National Committee for UN Women (UN Women Australia), as a contribution to leading thought on relevant management topics.

Australian Management Capability Index [PDF; 1.61Mb]
How well we manage and lead our businesses is vital in maintaining our competitiveness both on the domestic and the international stage.

The Impact of Age on Managerial Style [PDF; 834Kb]
This research paper is the result of a collaboration of the Department of Management, Monash University and AIM Qld & NT.

AIM Australian Governance Survey
The AIM Australian Governance Survey seeks to provide a better understanding of the respective roles of management and directors in corporate governance.

Australian Business Leaders Survey
This survey of AIM members represents one of the first comprehensive studies of Australian management and leadership undertaken since the release of the Karpin Report findings in 1995.

Australia's Workforce 'Skills Gap’ [PDF; 4.6Mb]
Managers give their views on the impact of the escalating skills crisis.

Patterns of Power and Leadership: Understanding Total Behaviour Leadership
This White Paper is the result of a collaboration of the University of the Sunshine Coast and AIM Qld & NT.