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9 April 2014
AIM management stars take stand against Generation Y stereotyping

Three Australian Institute of Management Members are speaking out to dispel the damaging myths and stereotyping which they say is threatening the career progression of Generation Y.

4 March 2014
AIM takes management training to Bundaberg

The Australian Institute of Management has joined forces with Bundaberg Region Rising to train and develop the region’s management talent.

19 February 2014
AIM expands network through Cairns Regional Council

The Australian Institute of Management has recruited three local business identities to its Cairns Regional Council as it aims to capitalise on last year’s world record breaking feats in 2014.

10 February 2014
AIM appoints inaugural executive general manager for Qld & NT

The Australian Institute of Management has appointed senior staff member Barry Hankinson FAIM to the role of Executive General Manager, Queensland and Northern Territory.

15 January 2014
Queenslanders shine on AIM30 young managers list

AIM has launched its latest list of outstanding young management talent with the national release of the AIM30. The AIM30 is one of Australia's most prestigious listings of industry leaders under the age of 30.

30 December 2013
7 tips for being more assertive

Assertive managers are the Don Drapers of the workplace. Cool, calm and unquestionably in charge.  You've probably seen this rare leadership species in your own office and watched in awe as they courteously turn back unmanageable workloads, delegate with confidence and calmly offer more productive alternatives to getting things done.

16 December 2013
Top 6 tips to turbo charge your career

The festive season is a time for family, fun and a few weeks away from the daily grind. It's also a time when most people take stock of their career and consider what they can do to improve their resume and their professional status.

29 November 2013
AIM historic merger – 70 years in the making

An historic merger between the Queensland and Northern Territory, News South Wales and ACT, Victorian and Tasmanian and South Australian divisions of the Australian Institute of Management has been overwhelmingly approved by Members.

11 November 2013
Best of the best: Queensland Managers of the Year revealed

Queensland's best managers were revealed on Friday 8 November at the Australian Institute of Management AIM Excellence Awards state final and gala dinner.

18 October 2013
AIM Networking Reaps a World Record

It's official – the Australian Institute of Management is the proud holder of a new Guinness World Record for networking.

26 September 2013
AIM Makes its Mark at International Management Conference

AIM raised its profile on the international stage when Institute executives Brian Nye FAIM and Vivienne Anthon FAIM attended the prestigious Asian Association of Management Associations (AAMO) in Macau earlier this month.

3 September 2013
Dr Jane Kise on Intentional Leadership

What is intentional leadership and how does one embrace it? That and many more questions on the topic were answered at Management House in Brisbane on Tuesday 9 September when internationally-acclaimed personality type consultant Dr Jane Kise presented to an intimate audience.

29 August 2013
Brisbane Lord Mayor Breaks Bread With AIM30

Members of the AIM30 – 30 Managers Under 30 Making Their Mark – were afforded an audience with Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk for an intimate breakfast at City Hall on Thursday 29 August.

23 August 2013
Driven by Distraction

Multitasking has its attractions for explaining rapid shifts in attention, but how effective are we really being?

13 August 2013
Practice Makes Permanent

In a management setting, practice doesn't necessarily make perfect. We do know from research that practice makes permanent, says AIM's Dr Malcolm Johnson.

12 August 2013
Steven D'Souza Stars as National Networking Week Ambassador

His reputation as an international networker preceded him and Steven D'Souza didn't disappoint in his role as the Australian Institute of Management's 2013 National Networking Week Ambassador.

23 July 2013
Transitions in Management Careers: Seeding Success

Making the transition to leadership requires people to step back from being technical producers to achieving success through developing others; a completely new perspective and set of skills. AIM's Dr Malcolm Johnson explores three underlying questions that are worth asking at each career change.

17 July 2013
Change Management: Survival of the Fittest

Charles Darwin once said about human evolution, "It's not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent; but those most responsive to change." In this way, brand longevity is very comparable to human evolution. Survival of the fittest is a simple fact of life for every brand, no matter how popular it is during its golden years.

23 June 2013
Creating High Performance Through People

People want to flourish and be at their best but the reality is that barely 20% are succeeding in this objective. AIM's Dr Malcolm Johnson explores the positive and negative sentiments and the ratio of these sentiments that create high performing teams.

12 June 2013
Staff Engagement: The Secrets to Success

Did you know that 70-80% of staff engagement can actually be driven by the employees themselves and offer proven engagement success rates? Ian Hutchinson explains how.

4 June 2013
True Leadership in a Crisis

Former police officer Peter Baines made the leap from constable to an international forensics expert. His roles included leading the investigations at the Bali bombing and working in Indonesia post-tsunami. This month he recounted his experiences with eAgenda editor Grant Stockwell.

30 May 2013
Merger Approved With Overwhelming Member Support

A new chapter has been written into the annals of Australian Institute of Management – QLD & NT history when members overwhelmingly supported a merger with AIM NSW & ACT.

20 May 2013
Thinkers and Feelers: Bridging the Personality Divide

Were you brought up on the philosophy to "treat others the way you want to be treated"? The positive intention is definitely there, but according to best-selling author and renowned leadership consultant Devora Zack, it's this sort of thinking that actually contributes to conflict and tension in the workplace.

7 May 2013
Navigating the World of Social Media

There's no arguing that social media has changed the business marketing world as we know it. Check out tips from Reload Media's Craig Somerville AIMM on putting social media to work in your business.

1 May 2013
AIM Makes Its Presence Felt on International Stage

AIM Chief Executive Officer Vivienne Anthon FAIM represented the Institute on the international stage when she ventured to a major management conference in India in April.

19 April 2013
Unleashing the Power of Influence

Did you know that words make up only 7% of human communication? So says Chris Helder, one of Australia's most exciting speakers on NLP, psychology and human behaviour, who presented at AIM recently on the Power of Influence.

10 April 2013
AIM30: 30 Under 30 Making a Mark

They are all under 30 years of age, leaders in their chosen careers and they’ve all made it onto the hottest professional list of 2013.

28 March 2013
Excellence in Management

The Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards mean many things to many people. But to the winners whose excellent managerial skills earned them the prestigious awards, they are inevitably remembered as career highlights.

27 March 2013
Devora's on her way back to Queensland and Darwin

Multi-talented is a term often overused when describing a high-achiever but in the case of American consultancy expert and award-winning author Devora Zack, it's more of an understatement.

25 March 2013
Get your pass to maintain the professional edge

The annual AIM Gold Pass and Platinum Pass proved so popular when launched late last year, that an additional 100 passes have released for sale before Easter.

25 March 2013
Peak Performance: Preparing mentally and physically for the challenges of leadership

Watch Allira Rogers, Psychologist from Mental Notes Consulting, discuss how to prepare mentally and physically for the challenges of leadership from her AIM@Home presentation on Peak Performance.

22 March 2013
Darwin next stop on YMAB region-serving itinerary

The Young Manager Advisory Board will make its first trip to the Northern Territory when it ventures to Darwin in May.

27 February 2013
AIM is where it's at in 2013

January may have signalled the start of the working year for many organisations but the cogs at the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT were steadily turning during the festive season in preparation for a big 2013.

26 February 2013
More than a Pass mark: Annual Pass success prompts a second promotion

Last year's launch of the exclusive AIM Annual Passes has been so successful that a second release of the passes is now on the horizon.

25 February 2013
Embracing change and engaging your staff

Are your staff members emotionally engaged and receptive to change in the workplace?

20 February 2013
Carol's at the cutting edge of the mining industry

Brisbane businesswoman Carol Muller AFAIM has spent the past 17 years making her mark in the male-dominated world of mining.

18 February 2013
AIM@Home: Performance

There are many layers to 'performance' for managers, from conducting robust annual appraisals with staff, motivating teams to work towards shared goals, and also managing personal contribution to organisational output.

15 February 2013
Engaging and retaining older workers - Discussion paper

Australia's ageing workforce is a big issue with bigger ramifications. AIM has a produced a comprehensive discussion paper on the topic which looks at what caused the problem, who it will affect most and the best ways to address it.

31 January 2013
2013 International Women's Day Debate

It's the burning issue pertinent to women across Australia and also the topic up for debate at Brisbane's biggest annual lunch.

12 December 2012
New Year's Management Resolutions

With 2012 rapidly drawing to a close and New Year's resolutions beginning to invade people's thoughts, now is the time to plot your pathway for personal development for 2013 and beyond.

4 December 2012
The CEO Roundtable with AIM Chair Grant Dearlove

Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT Chair Grant Dearlove FAIM recently hosted the organisation's inaugural CEO Roundtable Lunch at Montegos on the Sunshine Coast.

3 December 2012
Be merry and stay motivated

December is one of the most unproductive months of the year and an annual challenge for managers who are trying to keep their staff motivated for one final surge toward the summit instead of pondering pool-decks and pina coladas.

27 November 2012
Forging a career in consultancy

Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT's General Manager Dr Malcolm Johnson FAIM is looking forward to a positive uptake of the new consultancy course in 2013 after a successful pilot program last week.

20 November 2012
Saving the best until last

The 2012 Management Excellence Awards campaign concluded with a stellar night of celebration in Brisbane last month with AIM senior executives labelling it the most successful campaign in the events' history.

17 November 2012
Fellow excellence

AIM member crowned Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year. Diversity is an apt definition when describing the successful career of Brisbane business woman Chandra Clements FAIM.

14 November 2012
Managing in a Flexible Work Environment - White Paper

Staff working permanently or part-time from home or an off-site location is an unavoidable way of the future which must be embraced.

13 November 2012
Social Media as Learning Tools

Carol Skyring discusses social media use for learning in this 3 Questions With video.

10 November 2012
Ministerial management

The Honourable John-Paul Langbroek, Minister for Education, Training and Employment, attended a luncheon at Management House last month to congratulate graduates from the AIM Graduate School.

8 November 2012
New careers in consultancy

Are you contemplating a career change - be it self-imposed or by way of retrenchment? If you answered in the affirmative, a career in consultancy may be the step that takes you forward.

6 November 2012
Queensland's Best Managers

Queensland's best managers were announced in a prestigious ceremony on Friday 2 November 2012 when the Management Excellence Award (MEA) winners were announced at a gala function at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane.

2 November 2012
Success where it counts in 2012

As the year draws to a close it's timely to revisit some of the major milestones and new initiatives that have taken place at the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT.

30 October 2012
How have iPads changed business?

A look at how iPads and or tablets have changed or improved the way people do business and thier jobs.

30 October 2012
Managing in Challenging Times

Being an effective manager is never easy at the best of times but the role is even more difficult when staff feel vulnerable and unsure.

27 October 2012
Management Excellence Awards Northern Territory Final

The cream of Northern Territory business enterprise rose to the top on Saturday 27 October when the 2012 Management Excellence Award winners were announced at a gala function at Darwin Convention Centre.

1 October 2012
Management Excellence Awards sweep the state

When it comes to management excellence, no other Member-based organisation comes to close to the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT.

22 September 2012
Direct paths to success

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT will this month unveil its most valuable piece of collateral when it launches the 2013 Course Directory.

15 September 2012
Raising awareness for MS

The Australian Institute of Management Boardroom at Management House in Brisbane was filled with lessons on leadership and laughter at a gathering of the Brisbane MS Angels recently.

5 September 2012
Global business

Former Brisbane entrepreneur making big inroads in Oman hotel management. To say well-travelled businessman Mac Thomson FAIM has enjoyed a diverse career is somewhat of an understatement.

13 July 2012
New Supervisor is a clear leader in popularity stakes

AIM Media and Communications Manager Grant Stockwell AFAIM last month took part in the New Supervisor course, the Institute's most popular offering. This is his account of the two-day learning experience.

5 July 2012
Partnering for future leaders

AIM continues to support managerial development through its participation in The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Business Scholarship Program.

1 July 2012
Study in academic excellence

AIM Fellow wins Churchill Fellowship. For someone who has spent a lifetime encouraging young women to pursue their dreams, Karen Spiller FAIM is an unlikely advocate of boys' clubs culture.

25 June 2012
Star of the show

International speaker is National Networking Week Ambassador. She's an engineer, internationally acclaimed author and one of the most respected speakers in corporate America.

13 June 2012
Mastering innovation makes sense

Overnight success is easy - all it takes is 10,000 hours of practice. The same can be said for mastering innovation.

9 June 2012
New courses to be launched after industry consultation

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT's suite of training courses is being significantly enhanced as a result of input from industry leaders.

4 June 2012
Managers of the future shine

The world at their feet is a term often overused but in the case of five former St John's Anglican College students, it's impossible to identify a more apt description.

1 June 2012
Clear Direction

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT has capped a record year of profit with the reappointment of the sitting board at the 2012 annual general meeting last month.

23 May 2012
CEO volunteers for charity sleepout

AIM CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM is stepping out of her comfort zone and onto the street - all in the name of charity.

22 May 2012
Management Styles Under the Microspcope

Employees are much happier working for a clock watcher than they are a micro manager, poll results reveal.

14 May 2012
AIM Road Trip: Beef Week Wrap Up

They went, they saw and they conquered.

10 May 2012
AIM Road Trip: Beef Week in Rockhampton - Part 2

Follow all the action of AIM at Beef Week on our Facebook page.

9 May 2012
AIM Road Trip: Beef Week in Rockhampton - Part 1

Follow all the action of AIM at Beef Week on our Facebook page.

1 May 2012
An Insight Into Wisdom

Wisdom is a quality frequently sought but rarely discovered - unless you attended a breakfast at Management House last month. AIM hosted more than 100 people for an exclusive presentation by internationally acclaimed wisdom researcher Professor Ursula Staudinger.

19 April 2012
New Board an Investment in Managing the Future

IF the future belongs to those who plan for it, the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT is positioning itself for longevity.

10 April 2012
AIM Hits the Road Headed for Beef Week

It will be a case of AIM on wheels when AIM Qld & NT executives hit the beaten track bound for Rockhampton next month.

5 April 2012
Now for Northern Exposure: Changes for Townsville and Cairns Regional Committees

There's been a changing of the guard in North Queensland with the recent announcement of two new chairs for the AIM Qld & NT Regional Committees in Townsville and Cairns.

1 April 2012
AIM for the Future: New Members Aligned With Board Culture

AIM chairman Grant Dearlove FAIM last month announced the appointment of five new directors, each one recruited because of their skill sets and to achieve the Institute's 2012 goals.

10 March 2012
Accounting Firm Serious About Management Success

AIM is collaborating on an innovative new training program that will see Queensland accountants better equipped with leadership and management skills.

1 March 2012
Australian Management Capability Index

Discover the findings released in the 2012 Australian Management Capability Index - a ground-breaking and comprehensive survey commissioned by the Australian Institute of Management

28 February 2012
AIM@Home: Managerial Mindsets

AIM@Home is a week-long series of free-of-charge events presented exclusively for AIM Personal and Corporate Members. AIM strives to host an array of high quality sessions that provide take-aways and position managers with the information they need to manage more effectively.

15 February 2012
AIM Supports 'Young Gun' Businesswoman

The Australian Institute of Management proudly sponsored the Babes in Business 2011 'Young Gun of the Year' Award, presented at the annual Babes in Business Lunch late last year.

13 February 2012
Course Preview: Brain Science for Managers

AIM is delighted to offer a brand new course 'Brain Science for Managers - Discover How People Tick', in partnership with the internationally acclaimed NeuroLeadership Group.

8 February 2012
AIM Now Accredited to Deliver PRINCE2® Project Management Training

AIM now offers PRINCE2® Foundation course and Practitioner course as part of its project management training suite.
PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office.

6 February 2012
AIM Fellow Wins Harvard Scholarship

Successful Brisbane business strategist and author, Dr Monique Beedles FAIM, has been awarded the St George Bank Fostering Executive Women (FEW) International Scholarship for the Harvard Business School in Boston, USA.

1 February 2012
The Value of Older Managers

Old leaders don't die, they just do things differently! Making a case for retaining our more mature managers.

16 January 2012
2012 IWD Topic Announced

The Australian Institute of Management has revealed the highly anticipated topic for the 2012 International Women's Day Debate. The Debate, on Friday 9 March 2012, will see six accomplished women argue the topic 'That you have to be an iron lady to make a mark'.

21 December 2011
January Training Hits the Mark

For more and more organisations and managers, January provides an opportunity to invest in planning and professional development. That is why AIM has scheduled additional programs to cater for mangers who are unable to attend at other times of the year.

1 December 2011
What Makes a Great Manager?

The recent 2011 Management Excellence Awards provided hundreds of managers an avenue for important reflection; to not only to reflect on the day to day decisions that shape their organisation, but to reflect on their individual career paths, personal growth and management journey.

14 November 2011
AIM Unveils Queensland's Top Managers

The 2011 winners of Queensland's most prestigious management awards were announced to Brisbane's business community at a Gala Dinner presented by the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT on Friday 11 November.

9 November 2011
AIM Supports International Project Management Conference

AIM recently sponsored the 25th International Project Management Association's World Congress in Brisbane. The conference theme, 'Delivering the Promise', struck at the fundamental purpose of project management.

2 November 2011
Living and Breathing Change

Achieving Your Organisational PB will be delivered on the Gold Coast and in Gladstone and Mackay this month. The principles of marathon running will be applied to behavioural change and resilience in an organisation.

26 October 2011
The Transferability of Learning

"Today we live in a world where continuous learning is not an option. It's a requirement." Managers are busy people. As well as strategy, planning, meeting personal targets and managing daily tasks, they also need to be committed to continuous learning, both for themselves and for individuals in their teams.

17 October 2011
Painting Depicts Rich AIM History

Australia's "Live Artist" Donna Gibb was on hand at AIM's Diamond Anniversary celebration in July to commence a 'live painting' capturing the history and essence of AIM.

10 October 2011
Cairns to Celebrate a Decade of the Great Debate

The WHK Cairns Great Debate, hosted by AIM in conjunction with the Cairns Business Women's Club, celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

3 October 2011
TCI Sweeps LearnX Awards for Third Year Running

TheCyberInstitute (TCI), a fully owned subsidiary of AIM - Qld & NT, recently won three major awards at the 5th Annual LearnX eLearning and Training Solutions Expo, the nation's largest eLearning conference.

26 September 2011
Relationships Matter: LinkedIn

LinkedIn's slogan 'Relationships Matter' explains why the community website is the number one social media platform for professionals.

21 September 2011
Empathy at Work

In today's high pressure world, where most people are time poor, the need for managers to show empathy, to understand, sympathise and display compassion with all members of the team is absolutely vital.

13 September 2011
Businesses to crack down on qualifications fraud

Qualifications fraud is on the rise and employers are urged to screen job candidates carefully as companies around Australia look to hire new staff for the new financial year.

12 September 2011
Invest in induction rather than recruitment

Induction is an essential component of the recruitment and selection process, but as Business Systems Specialist Tamara Simon explains many employers make the mistake of overlooking this important process.

6 September 2011
The Language of Allan Pease

In this member sourced issue, AIM Fellow and world leading communication expert Allan Pease, unlocks the keys to body language in the workplace.

5 September 2011
AIM to Sponsor Churchill Fellowship

In 2012, AIM is sponsoring the Australian Institute of Management Churchill Fellowship to investigate management and leadership.

18 August 2011
Queensland Workers Pay Trends to Change

The nation's leading survey of salaries and human resources trends found that large companies in Queensland passed on pay increases below the national average over the past 12 months. That may be about to change.

12 August 2011
AIM Rates as ecoBiz

AIM has been awarded ecoBiz partner status by the Sustainable Industries Branch of the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

9 August 2011
AIM's Top Ten Networking Tips for 2011

The vital business skill of networking has been around for a long time. Networking continues to evolve, particularly in an era of social media and a stream of complex information.

2 August 2011
Networking for Everyone

Effective networking is a vital part of achieving business and personal success. Yet many professionals find networking a challenge.

27 July 2011
AIM Facilitator of the Year Attends International Conference

Talented AIM management and customer service trainer Kerry Cassidy was recently named AIM's inaugural Facilitator of the Year.

19 July 2011
AIM Members Contribute

AIM's kitchen and dining facilities recently received a 5 Star rating from Eat Safe Brisbane, a food safety rating scheme for licensed food businesses conducted by Brisbane City Council.

12 July 2011
AIM Members Contribute

In reflecting on 60 years of supporting and enhancing management practice in Queensland and the Northern Territory, the Institute acknowledges the many members who contribute to its operations and offerings.

6 July 2011
Past Chairman's Reflection

Immediate Past Chairman Wayne Patterson FAIM gave his final address at May's Annual General Meeting.

5 July 2011
AIM Wins Supplier Award

AIM Qld & NT won the Business Support Services Category of the Energex Quality Supplier Awards for 2010.

1 July 2011
AIM Members Acknowledged

AIM celebrates the vast and varied contribution made by members and how they shape their Institute.

27 June 2011
RPL in Action

Experienced trainer and long-standing member Keith Taylor AFAIM recently attained a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at AIM entirely through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

17 June 2011
The Untold Story of FISH!

It has been 12 years since the release of the film FISH! and 11 years since the book was published. By now many know the basic story of the fish market that became world famous selling fish.

14 June 2011
Brain Fitness: AIM Accepts the Challenge

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT will be participating in the Brain Fitness Challenge, a team-based event hosted by the Florey Neuroscience Institute (FNI).

7 June 2011
Final Week To Nominate An Outstanding Manager In The Region

Now is the time for managers across the region to consider nominating for this year's Management Excellence Awards, with nominations closing on Friday 10 June.

2 June 2011
The Hard Stuff of Soft Skills

The so-called 'soft skills' that influence personal, social, communication and self-management behaviours have become even more important in recent times.

27 May 2011
Awards Recognition Fuels Management Progression

An outstanding young Gladstone manager has progressed in her career thanks to encouragement and inspiration received through her participation in the Management Excellence Awards.

24 May 2011
Senior Managers Make Connections

AIM brings together managers from a wide array of industries who find that they are intrinsically connected through the practice of management.

19 May 2011
Seeking Townsville's Best Managers Of 2011

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is urging the Townsville business community to nominate inspirational managers for the prestigious Management Excellence Awards by 10 June 2011.

18 May 2011
Seeking the Sunshine Coast's Best Managers Of 2011

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is urging the Sunshine Coast business community to nominate inspirational managers for the prestigious Management Excellence Awards by 10 June 2011.

17 May 2011
Seeking Gladstone's Best Managers Of 2011

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is urging the Gladstone business community to nominate inspirational managers for the prestigious Management Excellence Awards by 10 June 2011.

10 May 2011
Seeking Rockhampton's Best Managers Of 2011

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is urging the Rockhampton business community to nominate inspirational managers for the prestigious Management Excellence Awards by 10 June 2011.

9 May 2011
Seeking Toowoomba's Best Managers Of 2011

The Australian Institute of Management (AIM) is urging the Toowoomba business community to nominate inspirational managers for the prestigious Management Excellence Awards by 10 June 2011.

3 May 2011
Networking for People who Hate Networking

A game-changing book by American author Devora Zack is proving that not all networking guides are written with extroverts in mind.

2 May 2011
Strong Performance announced for 2010

One of the strongest financial results in the history of the Institute was announced at the AIM Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 24 May 2011.

25 April 2011
Graduate Pursues the MBA Dream

Member Peta Pitcher has leveraged study with the AIM Graduate School all the way to an MBA.

18 April 2011
Chairman's Award Established

The AIM Board has established an annual Chairman's Award to recognise outstanding academic achievement within the AIM Graduate School.

12 April 2011
Companies grow commitment to sustainability

More than two-thirds of businesses are strengthening their commitment to sustainability, according to a new global study by MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

6 April 2011
New Award Category Announced

A Not-for-Profit Manager of the Year category of the Management Excellence Awards will be run throughout Queensland for the first time in 2011.

5 April 2011
Managers Receive Ultimate Recognition

The 2011 Management Excellence Awards will identify and recognise Queensland's best managers in business, government and the not for profit sector.

4 April 2011
Management Matters

In a fast paced world of competing priorities, technological change and unexpected forces of nature, the ability to manage has never been more important.

2 March 2011
AIM@Home Conversations

The ability to hold diverse conversations with different stakeholders and outcomes is an important skill for managers at all levels. That is why AIM has selected 'Conversations' as the theme for the first AIM@Home series for 2011.

8 February 2011
AIM Qld & NT Celebrates 60 Years

AIM Queensland will celebrate its Diamond Anniversary in 2011, marking sixty years of supporting management practice in Queensland.

7 February 2011
AIM Rallies for Flood Relief

The Australian Institute of Management has pledged immediate and ongoing support to individuals and organisations affected by the recent flooding disaster in Queensland.

2 February 2011
AIM Members Engaged at Work

AIM Members have a higher rate of employee engagement than other national and international employees, according to a recent global study on employee engagement.

13 January 2011
Graduate School Promotes Peer to Peer Learning

Managers with career advancement as a goal for 2011 are choosing to commence or continue postgraduate study with the AIM Graduate School.

10 January 2011
Speaking Group Helps Members Shine

The AIM Speaking Group has helped countless members overcome the fear of public speaking and develop advanced communication skills.

21 December 2010
International Speaker Series Continues

The Australian Institute of Management will continue its international speaker program in 2011 after highly successful international speaker visits in 2010.

16 December 2010
Regional Director Appointed to AIM Board

The AIM Qld & NT Board has announced the appointment of Julie Boyd FAIM as a Director to fill a casual vacancy.

5 December 2010
Australian First in Change Management

AIM has secured scope to deliver Australia’s first Diploma of Organisational Change Management.

3 December 2010
Awards Finalist Field Stronger than Ever: Chair

The Australian Institute of Management’s 2010 Management Excellence Awards acknowledged Queensland and the Northern Territory’s top managers at two sparkling Gala events.

30 November 2010
Keys for Switching to a Smaller Team

Moving to a smaller organisation is an exciting step for many managers. But habits that arguably lead to success in larger organisations can prove to be destructive within small businesses and start-ups.

15 November 2010
AIM Unveils Queensland's Top Managers

The 2010 winners of Queensland's most prestigious management awards were announced to Brisbane's business community at AIM's Management Excellence Awards on Friday 12 November.

15 November 2010
Arts Leader Awarded Medal for Management Innovation

Prominent Queensland arts leader Tony Ellwood was awarded AIM Qld & NT's Medal for Management Innovation at the 2010 Management Excellence Awards.

19 October 2010
AIM Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The AIM Qld & NT Board has announced the appointment of Vivienne Anthon to the position of CEO.

14 October 2010
Managing a Virtual Workforce

Management tips from four smart CEOs who have done away with traditional business formats in favour of a virtual workforce.

11 October 2010
Learning for the Twenty-First Century

There are important links between the technologies managers are beginning to use to transfer knowledge and how the human brain learns best, according to international learning expert Sharon Bowman.

10 September 2010
AIM@Home Business Writing Week

The popular member only AIM@Home series returns in 2010 with Business Writing Week.

31 August 2010
How to Conduct an Internal Interview

Internal candidate interviews can provide valuable insights into someone 'you think you know'.

9 August 2010
Social Media in the Networking Mix

Managers at all levels are increasingly turning to social media tools including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as valuable tools for business networking.

4 August 2010
Smell the Roses at Work

A recent study suggests that flowers and plants are catalysts for innovation and ideas in the workplace. Having flowers in the office can boost problem-solving skills, idea generation and creative performance for both male and female employees.

2 August 2010
Leading Thinker Connects with Brisbane Leaders

AIM recently welcomed international speaker, best-selling author and leadership thinker, Margaret Wheatley, to Management House. Ms Wheatley was the special guest at a board room luncheon hosted by AIM Interim CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM.


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