AIM management stars take stand against Generation Y stereotyping

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Three Australian Institute of Management Members are speaking out to dispel the damaging myths and stereotyping which they say is threatening the career progression of Generation Y.

Zoe Black AIMM, Dean Borg AIMM and Ben Everingham AIMM are all under 30 but their shared commitment for excellence has propelled them to the top of their professions.

All based in Queensland, they are Members of the AIM30, a list of 30 executives under 30 from across Australia who have united to dispel the myths that are hampering their generation’s career opportunities.

On April 30 Black, Borg and Everingham will host an open forum, AIM30 Live in Brisbane, to reveal the indisputable findings of an extensive research campaign undertaken by AIM.

They will be joined simultaneously by their AIM30 alumni colleagues in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and hundreds of young executives across the nation in an interactive forum to bring the issue into the public domain.

Entitled Beyond Belief: The Management Reality of Generational Thinking, the research proves unequivocally that stereotyping different generations was a real threat to Australia’s executive development according to AIM Chief Executive Officer Daniel Musson FAIM.

“The Generation Y stereotyping is offensive to some people and this research confirms it’s actually a myth,” Mr Musson said. “Our research, and AIM’s belief is that regardless of whether they are from Generation A or Z, it is the world that is different, not people. 

“We’ve got great managers across the nation whose mindset and subsequent decision-making processes are infected by the pervasive stereotypes that often malign the motivations and behaviours of Generation Y.

“These stereotypes have driven an industry of different management techniques claiming to deliver ways to effectively manage people in this life stage.”

Black is chief strategy officer at Australian Communication Exchange where she oversees services that help deaf Australians communicate.

Borg oversees the implementation of strategic initiatives for Heritage Bank and is a Group Commander in the Australian Army Reserve while Everingham is Commercial Relationship Manager at Auzion Enterprises and lists RACQ and Lorna Jane as his major clients.

Three months in the making, the report was conducted by AIM’s General Manager of Professional Development Dr Malcolm Johnson FAIM.

He combined the findings of quantitative research conducted on more than 300,000 people from Generation Y both nationally and internationally with an in-depth qualitative study of young managers.

AIM30 Live

Beyond Belief: The Management Reality of Generational Thinking

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