AIM makes its mark at international management conference

AIM raised its profile on the international stage when Institute executives Brian Nye FAIM and Vivienne Anthon FAIM attended the prestigious Asian Association of Management Associations (AAMO) in Macau earlier this month.

Macau Management Association
Paul Tse See Fan, AAMO President, MMA Council Vice-Chairman & Honorary Secretary General with AIM National Chair, Brian Nye FAIM.

Hosted by the Macau Management Association, the three-day conference featured delegates from 17 Asian countries including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Nye, Chair of AIM National and Ms Anthon, AIM QNAN Chief Executive Officer, attended the triennial event which focused on Asian regional economic cooperation and its impact on international business opportunities and management practices.

Ms Anthon said the conference doubled as an invaluable networking and branding opportunity for AIM and featured many highlights from world-class managers and academics.

"One of the highlights was a presentation from Dr Victor Fung, Group Chairman of the Fung Group and Chairman of the Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council," Ms Anthon said.

"Dr Fung is a former Harvard Professor who was named 2005 Businessman of the Year by Forbes Magazine and he was featured by Time Magazine in its Sixty Years of Asian Heroes feature in 2006. "The commitment of these individuals to managerial practice is inspiring as was the sheer scale of their influence, particularly into government."

Ms Anthon said Dr Fung spoke on the changing nature of commerce and the profound but often underestimated impact of Trade Agreements.

She said another highlight was a visit to massive Macau University which was recently relocated to a purpose-built site that was leased from the People's Republic of China.

"The site opened in July and can accommodate 10,000 residential students and it is accessible only by a tunnel under the water from Macau," Ms Anthon said.

The AAMO tour group was one of the first to visit the site which features its own soccer stadium, shopping mall, fire station, police station and underground traffic system which reduces pedestrian and cyclist traffic on the campus grounds.

AAMO is structured on a three-year presidency cycle and next month retiring president Paul Tse See Fan will hand the reins to Mr Nye who has been serving as the Association's Vice President.

Mr Nye will host the first meeting of his term in Canberra in April next year and his three-year tenure will conclude with the triennial conference in Sydney in 2016.

Ms Anthon encouraged any AIM members who intend travelling an AAMO nation in future to contact the local management association for support with relevant information and local introductions.

For more information visit or contact AIM National Executive Officer Karen Gomez.


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