Staff Engagement: The Secrets to Success

People GlueFrom morning fruit bowls and weekly lunches to trivia nights and Christmas bonuses, some managers will try anything and everything to motivate their staff, achieving varying and often unpredictable results.

But according to engagement strategy specialist, Ian Hutchinson, 70-80% of staff engagement can actually be driven by the employees themselves and offer proven engagement success rates.

This was the theme at Ian’s powerful Breakfast Presentation – Employee-driven Productivity: Revolutionising Employee Engagement – that was held at Management House on Wednesday 5 June and delivered to almost 100 guests.

Shining light on the important issue of employee satisfaction, Ian shared thought-provoking insights into what it takes to motivate, inspire and fulfill staff.

He explained that while most people know what they don’t like about their job, more often than not, they don’t actually know what it is they want from the role or the workplace.  According to Ian, managers need to encourage staff to consider their likes and dislikes. Find out what motivates them personally, so that a unique and individualised engagement strategy can be put in place.

Fortunately, while everyone is different, Ian and his team at Life by Design have discovered that there are several common engagement elements that drive most people:

  • Reward – do your staff feel they are adequately compensated for their work?
  • Work/Life Balance – do they have access to flexible working conditions and hours?
  • Training and Development – are you providing ample opportunity for upskilling?
  • Recognition – do you acknowledge their hard work and efforts?
  • Relationships – does the workplace nurture positive, collaborative relationships?
  • Purpose – do your employees feel they have an important goal to work towards?
  • Fulfilment – do staff feel a general sense of personal and professional achievement?

While every organisation requires unique insights from its own people, considering these common engagement drivers certainly provides a strong foundation to start from.  

Packed full of insights, laughs, interactive discussion and a thought-provoking exercise that had guests excitedly considering their own personal motivational drivers, this was one Breakfast Presentation that definitely left people talking.

Want to learn more about staff engagement strategies that work? Check out Ian’s latest book on the topic: People Glue : Employee Engagement & Retention Solutions that Stick.