Thinkers and Feelers: Bridging the Personality Divide

Devors ZackWere you brought up on the philosophy to “treat others the way you want to be treated”?

The positive intention is definitely there, but according to best-selling author and renowned leadership consultant Devora Zack, it’s this sort of thinking that actually contributes to conflict and tension in the workplace.

Why? Because we are all unique and inherently different. We have different personalities, values, wants, needs, perceptions and expectations. When you meet somebody who you find difficult to manage, more often than not, you’ll find that they’re simply very different from you.

This was the main topic of discussion at Management Explained, Devora Zack’s much-anticipated breakfast presentation held at AIM Management House on Thursday 16 May.

In fact, this was the hot topic of the week all over Queensland and the Northern Territory, with Devora travelling far and wide to deliver her internationally renowned session based on her best-selling book Managing for People Who Hate Managing.

According to Devora, most people can be classified as either a ‘feeler’ or a ‘thinker’. Feelers are generally more emotive, empathetic and lead with their hearts, while thinkers are often more logical, practical and lead with their heads.

By taking this into account when evaluating performance, assigning tasks and giving praise we can tailor the way our interactions are received and connect on a deeper level.

To put it simply, treat others the way they want to be treated and you may find your job as a manager a whole lot easier and certainly more effective. It’s all about being willing to adapt your leadership style to suit the unique needs of your team, while staying true to yourself and your job.

Thinkers and feelers may be divided in their ways of giving and receiving information, but suffice to say, the AIM conference room was united in their positive response to Devora’s lessons.

Many of the people who attended Devora’s acclaimed 2011 tour returned to witness the leadership insights, wit and wisdom she has become famous for. Expectations were met and exceeded, with Devora’s Breakfast Presentation full of laughs, engaging conversation and interactive group discussion.

Did you miss Devora’s presentation? You can always check out her best-selling books at Management BooksManaging for People Who Hate Managing and Networking for People Who Hate Networking.

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