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Craig Somerville AIMMThere’s no arguing that social media has changed the business marketing world as we know it.

It is now possible to access your target market 24/7 without you ever having to leave the office. You can build a brand, recruit staff, provide customer service and make sales with absolutely minimal impact on your bottom line.

You can achieve all of these things and more. But as Craig Somerville AIMM, the Director of award-winning digital marketing agency Reload Media explains, this is only realistic if you treat social media marketing with the attention, precision and importance you give to more traditional forms of marketing.

This was the theme at Putting Social Media to Work, the most recent Hot Topic evening presentation held at AIM on Thursday 2 May.

It was only fitting that one of the hottest online marketing trends was the talk of the night, and not surprising that so many professionals from various industries turned up to boost their understanding of this revolutionary online craze.

The session was filled with insightful facts, statistics, case studies and tips, which the audience hurriedly scribbled down in their notebooks. For example, did you know that:

  • Australia is one of the largest Facebook-using countries in the world
  • Twitter is one of the best forms of social media for making sales conversions
  • Google+ is extremely helpful in pushing your website up Google’s search rankings
  • Pinterest is a social media network mostly aimed at women

This is just a taste of the sorts of interesting and useful facts that were supplied by Craig on the night. But overall, his main message was to plan ahead with a well thought-out strategy, backed by realistic goals and a commitment to maintaining up-to-date content.

The interactive and dynamic nature of the evening continued with a lively Q&A session at the end. The audience peppered Craig with a multitude of questions, unique to their industries and business motives. Craig’s answers showed the expertise and tailored consideration that has led to Reload Media’s widespread reputation, ensuring participants were left satisfied and educated.

If you missed out on Craig’s useful presentation on putting social media to work, Reload Media’s Iain Calvert AIMe will be presenting a very similar session on the Gold Coast on Friday 14 June and the Sunshine Coast on Monday 15 July.

View Craig Somerville's slides from the presentation

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