Unleashing the Power of Influence

Event photoDid you know that words make up only 7% of human communication?

According to Chris Helder (one of Australia’s most exciting speakers on NLP, psychology and human behaviour) the majority of communication comes down to body language and tone.

This is the focus in Helder’s latest and extremely popular professional development series called The Power of Influence, which helps managers at all levels to:

  • Master and understand the power of body language
  • Quickly read clients by understanding different "intensities"
  • Connect with and influence others by applying small behavioural changes

As the 100+ guests that attended his sold out presentation at AIM Management House on 12 April would know, simple gestures like posture, eye contact and smiling can make a world of difference in the workplace.

Whether it be a colleague, client or potential network contact, altering the way you interact and connect with people can forge stronger relationships, increase sales, improve customer management and put you on the path to becoming a confident industry power player.

So how do you do it? Here are some of Chris’s top communication tips for managers:

  • Maintain eye contact: According to Chris, all great leaders look people confidently in the eye, proving they are fully engaged and present in the moment.
  • Master the art of small talk: Work on your verbal communication skills and make the extra effort to strike a more meaningful connection with people you meet.
  • Make the decision to be energised: More often than not, feeling tired is not triggered physically, but mentally. We all have the power to overcome this mental exhaustion.

Helder’s breakfast presentation met and exceeded expectations. The packed out venue was witness to two hours of his renowned charm, wit and intriguing human behaviour insights.

His ability to explain intricate NLP and psychology concepts in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner held the crowd’s attention from beginning to end.

Broken up into two topics – one for communicating using body language and the other focused on the art of small talk, this exciting presentation offered a huge amount of unforgettable tips for managers to use in all walks of life. Everything from getting to know new employees and forging relationships with clients to working the crowd at family BBQs and surviving school P+F events.

If you missed out on attending The Power of Influence, don’t despair, because Chris Helder will be back as a speaker for the 2013 AIM Excellence Awards.