Excellence in management

The Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards mean many things to many people.

But to the winners whose excellent managerial skills earned them the prestigious awards, they are inevitably remembered as career highlights.

True Stars: The 2012 Gala Final winners Sue Manton AFAIM, John Pearson FAIM, Kevin Berg FAIM, Lee Staddon and Fiona Jose AIMM are all leaders in their chosen professions.

In his acceptance speech after being announced National Young Manager of the Year at last year's AIM Gala Awards, Lee Staddon AIMM recited a moving verse for the big crowd in attendance at the Sofitel Hotel.

"Scientists have found that when geese fly together the whole flock is actually able to fly 71 per cent further than if each bird flew alone," he said. "And this is how I manage my team. I tell them that 'if we work together, we can achieve great things'."

Months later, Mr Staddon, the General Manager of Birch Carroll & Coyle in Mackay is still humbled.

"It's still surreal," he said. "I am very fortunate. Winning the award has opened many doors for me and provided me with lots opportunities in the business world."

Nominations for the 2013 Queensland and Northern Territory Excellence Awards are now open and close Monday 15 July for all categories.

Categories include Professional Manager (public and private sector in the Northern Territory) plus Owner Manager, Not for Profit and Young Manager of the Year.

John Pearson FAIM, Director of Look Now Pty Ltd on the Sunshine Coast, recalls with fondness his win in the Owner Manager category.

"I got a lot of great press after the win and that helped me leverage what my 30 staff and I do," he said.

"The entire process was very rewarding, both personally and professionally, and I would recommend it to anybody."

Sue Manton AFAIM, last year's Rural Manager of the Year echoed her fellow winners' sentiments.

"It was amazing, especially when I look back at the quality of the other nominees," she said.

To nominate a colleague, a staff member or yourself for the 2013 Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards, visit www.aimawards.com.au.


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