Embracing change and engaging your staff

Are your staff members emotionally engaged and receptive to change in the workplace?

These are just two of the many questions at the forefront of a White Paper being prepared by the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT in conjunction with the University of Queensland.

The White Paper follows the Engaging People for Organisational Change presentation which was delivered by AIM General Manager, Professional Development and Research Dr Malcolm Johnson FAIM and Professor Charmine Hartel FAIM at Management House in Brisbane on Friday 1 February.

COMMON Ground: Boyle Consulting Managing Director Rob Boyle, left, with AIM Chair Grant Dearlove FAIM and Hemma Maps Director Sam Hayward at the Engaging People for Organisational Change event at Management House.

A recent study by Gallup showed that only 19 per cent of Australian employees were engaged at work and that 61 per cent of the balance were emotionally detached and likely to do little more than what was required to keep their jobs.

The remaining 20 per cent were actively disengaged and viewed their workplace negatively.

Feedback from the AIM event which was attended by thought leaders and prominent Brisbane business identities confirmed the interest in the White Paper. They are now looking for businesses who want to be involved to increase the research sample.

"Most of the studies that have been done around engagement were done without taking into account the context of the organisation," Prof Hartel said.

"The real challenge for most organisations now is change management. When you combine that with issues of engagement in the workforce you find evidence that suggests disengagement is higher among staff who are undergoing change over staff who aren't undergoing change.

"It's not that people don't like change. The research shows people only don't like change they don't think they can cope with.

"The problem organisations have is they are not helping their people face the change and get through it."

To be involved please phone Dr Johnson on 07 3227 4842 or email mjohnson@ aimqld.com.au to express your interest in the White Paper research.