The CEO Roundtable with AIM Chair Grant Dearlove

Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT Chair Grant Dearlove FAIM recently hosted the organisation's inaugural CEO Roundtable Lunch at Montegos on the Sunshine Coast.

A successful lawyer, businessman and company director, Mr Dearlove took time out from his hectic schedule to explain his reasoning behind the lunch and his views on doing business on the Sunshine Coast.

Q: What is the CEO Roundtable Lunch and was it your concept?
AIM focusses on the profession of management in the regions. Queensland is no longer a capital-city state. There is so much activity in commerce right across the state and that means CEO's are no longer located in one centre but throughout the regions. The CEO Roundtable Lunch was a productive way of harmonising the CEO's as a group to network and discuss issues relevant to the regions in which their businesses operate.

Q: How would you describe the recent lunch on the Sunshine Coast?
It was probably one of the best business lunches of the year. We had CEO's from various industries talking about their current issues. There was a wealth of information discussed which was pertinent to the region and the issues confronting everyone around the table. The highlight was clear - the Sunshine Coast has an enormous amount to offer and clearly there is a strong vision there amongst those in industry.

Q: Where will the lunches be held in the future?
AIM has a large presence in regions right across Queensland in places like the Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton, Emerald, Cairns, Townsville and Darwin and we will be holding CEO Roundtable lunches in those regions throughout 2013.

Q: What are the aims of the CEO Roundtable Lunches?
To bring together industry leaders from the regions and to network and to discuss topical issues in the areas in which the lunches are held. It's also a great opportunity to share knowledge between business leaders. Our role at AIM is to be a knowledge centre to improve managers' understanding of business issues.

Q: How often will the lunches be held?
We plan to host a lunch in a different region once a quarter with the first one being held midway through the first quarter of 2013.

Q: How will you measure the success of the CEO Roundtable Lunch?
When someone has an issue they can ring a colleague who they have met at an AIM Roundtable Lunch in the knowledge they both share a common desire to improve their business and work together in a collegial fashion.

2012 CEO Roundtable Lunch attendees:

  • Grant Dearlove FAIM - AIM Qld & NT, Chairman
  • Rob Dunbar FAIM - AIM Sunshine Coast Chair
  • Simon Moore FAIM - AIM Sunshine Coast Deputy Chair
  • Darren Blake - Chilli Group
  • Tony Chadwick - Economic Development in Australia
  • Steve Cooper - Sunshine Coast Destinations Ltd
  • Grant Ferry - Sunshine Coast Daily
  • Craig Matheson - Sunshine Coast Council
  • Ian Landreth - Sunshine Coast Medicare Local
  • Professor Birgit Lohmann - University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Mark Paddenburg - Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
  • Sandy Zubrinich - Sunshine Coast Business Council


Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT Chair Grant Dearlove FAIM