New careers in consultancy

Are you contemplating a career change - be it self-imposed or by way of retrenchment?

If you answered in the affirmative, a career in consultancy may be the step that takes you forward.

But be warned - making a successful transition to a consultant requires a specific set of skills and competencies.

In direct response to the recent change of circumstances for any in the public and private sector, one of Australia's leading training organisations has developed a course to facilitate the transition from manager or executive to consultant.

AIM Qld & NT this week launched, Crafting a Consulting Career: Taking Control and Moving Forward - an intensive three-day course.

AIM Qld & NT Chief Executive Officer Vivienne Anthon FAIM said the course was tailor-made to address the steadily increasing number of senior managers seeking to pursue new career options.

"One of our roles at AIM, and one we take very seriously, is to scan the employment environment to determine and match the skills managers must possess with those that organisations require," Ms Anthon says.

"People think consultancy is clinically charging a client for specialist skills. However a successful consultancy is so much more than that.

"It requires you to understand your own talents and resources and how these could be deployed in someone else's business so there is a successful outcome for both parties.

"It's about genuine alignment of mutual outcomes so one party is not taking advantage of the other."

In designing the course, AIM General Manager Professional Development and Research Dr Malcolm Johnson FAIM, consulted with industry and identified the essential skills of a successful consultant such as:

  • Evaluating the proposed career transition
  • Developing an inventory of your talents and resources
  • Clarifying your business philosophy
  • Identifying your high-potential clients
  • Undertaking a business viability study
  • Preparing a short-form business plan
  • Acquiring finance, resources, and clients
  • Setting appropriate performance milestones to keep you on track

David Williams, Principal Consultant at Hudson Talent Management said the AIM course was an ideal option for anyone who had been recently retrenched.

"I work in the area of career transitioning and a course like this is perfect for someone who has recently been retrenched and is considering a move into consultancy," Mr Williams said.

"Someone who has had a lengthy and successful career and has all the skills, ability and attributes in their chosen field might think they have what it takes to become a successful consultant.

"But the reality is becoming a successful consultant is much more than that and the AIM course will be a real eye-opener.

"This course covers everything someone going into consultancy needs to know."


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