Raising awareness for MS

Institute joins forces with Angels and Mayor

THE Australian Institute of Management Boardroom at Management House in Brisbane was filled with lessons on leadership and laughter at a gathering of the Brisbane MS Angels recently.

AIM Chief Executive Officer Vivienne Anthon FAIM, one of the MS Angels, hosted the event featuring guest speakers Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Paul Pisasale and Managing Director of communications company Phillips Group, Stephanie Paul.

MS Angels is a select gathering of women from the business community dedicated to helping MS research in Australia by donating their time and funds in a way that allows them to network with other interesting women.

There are MS Angels in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Underlying the MS Angels concept is the fact that MS is a disease that commonly impacts women in their early 30s, just when their family life and career may be blossoming.

In order to support MS research each Angel makes a donation which is collectively invested in a research project (chosen by each group) that will make a real contribution to solving MS.

One of the invited guests at the meeting was Mayor Pisasale who himself has MS. He gave a moving and humorous presentation on leadership and working with community. Amidst the laughter was his poignant comment that having MS made him a better leader.

Ms Paul also shared her leadership insights with a particular emphasis on perseverance and determination. In a stellar career, she has worked with some of Australia's leading companies and is chair elect for the Worldcom Public Relations Group, the largest public relations partnership globally with 104 partners in 43 countries.

Her work has been recognised by her peers through 48 international, national and state awards and she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Queensland University of Technology in 2003.

Visit www.msra.org.au for information on MS. A Youtube clip of Mayor Pisasale's journey with MS can be found at www.msqld.org/home/459-qaa-paul