New Supervisor is a clear leader in popularity stakes

AIM Media and Communications Manager Grant Stockwell AFAIM last month took part in the New Supervisor course, the Institute's most popular offering. This is his account of the two-day learning experience.

THE New Supervisor course is the most popular offering in the AIM Course Directory.

It's fast-paced, interactive, enjoyable and most importantly, very informative and practical when participants put their learnings into practice on returning to their place of work.

The core competencies my fellow attendees and I would learn over the two days are leadership skills, managing diversity, communications skills and assertive behaviours, teamwork, handling conflict and delegation.

Diversity is clearly the perfect description for the participants in the class I took part in. In addition to myself, a former journalist turned communications manager, the group includes an accountant, a soil tester, a diesel mechanic and a child care worker.

It's this diversity, our facilitator Andrea Kenny assures us, that will maximise our learning and bring to life the full potential of what the New Supervisor course offers participants.

As earlier disclosed, communication is my chosen area of expertise but I quickly acquired some very valuable new data.

Extensive research shows that although we spend between 75 per cent and 90 per cent of our working day communicating, 70 per cent of workplace mistakes sill occur as a direct result of poor communication.

The message here for my colleagues and I is crystal clear – a supervisor's communications skills are of paramount importance to not only the team he or she manages but also the entire organisation in which they work.

Equally important is empathy and clear direction and support for those who report to you.

Similarly, as a supervisor, it is your job to make sure that directives from management are carried out in the way that management wants them carried out.

At the conclusion of the two days, it was quite apparent why the New Supervisor course is so popular. It's energetic and informative quality learning in a friendly and well-appointed facility.

AIM Client Relations Manager Julie Brady reaffirms my experience.

"In the past 18 months, we have put more than 400 public participants through the course and that number increases significantly if the corporate participants are included," Mrs Brady said.

"New Supervisor provides sound management skills and grounded practices. Participants gain critical, practical skills to help them in the new role as supervisor."

The New Supervisor course runs throughout the year across Queensland. Visit for details.

Characteristics of a successful supervisor

  • Willingness to work
    This doesn't mean you must be a workaholic to succeed. It means that when there is work to be done, you can't rest easy until it's finished.
  • Willingness to take risks
    Successful supervisors weigh-up the consequences, determine the skills required and then attack the problem, if the chances for success are reasonable.
  • Empathy
    Empathy is knowing what it's like to be in the other persons shoes. This is a matter of understanding why people act the way they do and using this information to get the job done.