Mastering innovation makes sense

OVERNIGHT success is easy - all it takes is 10,000 hours of practice. The same can be said for mastering innovation.

Innovation is the lifeblood of building a sustainable business. It is popular to think that flashes of genius or brilliant ideas are the catalyst but these are typically vague and elusive. What are needed are people with enquiring minds and a track history of working very hard. The reality of innovation begins with the analysis of opportunities in a systematic way.

Successful innovators use both the right side and left side of their brains. They look at people and they look at the numbers. And then they go out and look at customers, the users, to see what their expectations, their values, and their needs are. Innovation also has to be focused on a specific, clear, designed application. It has to be breathtakingly simple so that people "get it".

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT is collaborating with thought leaders in innovation at both the University of Queensland and the University of Melbourne. In a forthcoming program on innovation, AIM's Graduate School is teaming with Dr Tim Kastelle of the University of Queensland, designed to help business evaluate and improve their innovative capability.

Evidence of Dr Kastelle's expertise in innovation is being named as one of the world's top innovation bloggers by the Innovation Excellence, a website which serves the global innovation community.

The program builds on the Graduate School's course in Managing Innovation and will include:

  • Evaluating the innovation value chain
  • Integrating innovation and strategy
  • Building business models to profit from innovation
  • Optimising the idea management process
  • Operationalising the span of resources for innovation success

AIM Qld & NT is also partnering with Professor Danny Sampson at the University of Melbourne to map the driving factors that emerged from earlier research commissioned by the Department of Industry.

The outcome of this collaboration is to communicate pragmatic managerial insights that will help business improve their 'systematic innovation capability, assuring a series of innovations that deliver business value'. We encourage all members to respond to Prof Sampson's survey which will be emailed in the near future.

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Expert innovator: Dr Tim Kastelle from the University of Queensland is colloborating with AIM

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