New courses to be launched after industry consultation

THE Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT's suite of training courses is being significantly enhanced as a result of input from industry leaders.

LEARNING CURVE: Up to 25 new courses will be added to the suite this year following feedback from managers, members and industry leaders.

AIM chief executive officer Vivienne Anthon FAIM said that AIM currently offers 120 training courses in management, leadership, strategy, business communication, customer services, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, learning and development and project management, adding about 25 newly developed courses each year.

"Our courses are developed in response to feedback from managers, members and industry who articulate the needs of their workforce," Ms Anthon said. "This is an important mechanism for us because it enables us to design courses that meet specific and considered needs, rather than courses on topics that appear to be the flavour of the month.

"We bring together managers and ask them what sort of learning experiences will meet the current and emerging needs of their workforce. We then design a leaning program at the length and depth that best suits those needs. Next we pilot the newly designed course with a group of industry representatives so that we can ensure that the learning outcomes and content meet our objectives and provide a robust learning experience."

Ms Anthon said that a number of new courses were piloted in the first quarter of 2012. These included a refreshed and retargeted Management Development Program and courses as varied as Making Training Stick, The Language of Leadership - How Leaders Communicate and Inspire and Time Management Takeaways.

Ms Anthon said a prime example of industry feedback was the recent luncheon for AIM Qld & NT corporate members in Rockhampton. The corporate members, representing major employers and employers' groups provided input on course development and direction.

The group discussed potential new courses Calling Behaviour, Fraud in its Many Workplace Forms, and Compressed Wisdom: Fast Tracking for Managers. Recruitment, retention and remuneration of key managers and staff in regional centres was also raised.

Ms Anthon said that the impetus for course development can come from many sources. "The inputs to Calling Behaviours came from an extremely well respected learning and development leader with a major Queensland corporate," she said.

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