Management Styles Under the Microspcope

Employees are much happier working for a clock watcher than they are a micro manager. That is the finding of a comprehensive survey into managerial traits conducted last month by the Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT.

Facebook poll

The multiple choice web poll which was conducted on the AIM Facebook page asked participants, “What is the worst type of managerial trait you have ever been exposed to?” The traits listed were A: Clock watcher, B: Micro manager, C: Control Freak, D: Lazy manager and E: A non-listener.

The poll attracted 56 votes with a decisive 31 people stating micro managers as the worst style of management. Lazy managers were a distant second with nine votes, one in front of non-listening managers with eight votes while control freak managers attracted seven votes. At the opposite end of the scale was the clock-watching managerial style which drew the ire of one solitary voter.


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