January Training Hits the Mark

For more and more organisations and managers, January provides an opportunity to invest in planning and professional development. That is why AIM has scheduled additional programs to cater for mangers who are unable to attend at other times of the year.

AIM General Manager, Sales & Marketing Scott Martin AFAIM said, "It used to be the case that January was a quiet month for training and professional development. We are now finding that quite the opposite is true. January represents the time that many managers have the capacity to attend to their professional development, learning and reflection."

Mr Martin said that extra classes of many popular courses have been scheduled. January courses in Brisbane include:

Mr Martin said that January also represented a time for the development and refinement of AIM courses.

"We are constantly listening to managers about the sort of training they are seeking. We develop and pilot those courses in response to industry demand. Two recently piloted courses were Internal Customer Service – Your Customer as Colleague and Effective Technical Writing Skills.

"We are grateful to the managers who attended to provide feedback on these courses. It means we are able to refine our offerings in light of genuine and insightful feedback.

"Internal customer service has emerged as one of the most important contributors to organisational success. Exceptional customer service for all external customers is dependent on excellent internal customer service from those who may be a colleague, business unit member or supplier," Mr Martin said.

"We are also excited to pilot our course on effective technical writing. The ability to write clearly in a technical domain is a highly sought after skill and one which directly affects productivity. The pilot course included managers from the electricity, legal and health sectors," he said.

AIM is keen to hear from member managers who would be interested in attending pilots or content refinement sessions at no charge. Members who would like to register their interest in attending pilot courses should email membership@aimqld.com.au.