TheCyberInstitute Sweeps LearnX Awards for Third Year Running

TheCyberInstitute, a fully owned subsidiary of AIM Qld & NT, recently won three major awards at the 5th Annual LearnX eLearning and Training Solutions Expo, the nation's largest eLearning conference.

TheCyberInstitute (TCI) received Platinum Awards for 'Best Online Learning Solution' and 'Best Safety Training Program', and a Gold Award for 'Best Employee Induction Training Program'. All category submissions were for sophisticated online learning projects developed for one of Australia's leading coal exporters.

CEO of TheCyberInstitute Dawid Falck said that TCI's awards recognition acknowledges its capability and effective approaches in meeting industry-specific needs and complex learning requirements.

"Our client inducts thousands of people every year across a number of roles. This is the first time a solution has been built for a mining sector client where the practical learning preferences and varying literary skills of inductees were considered and catered for," Mr Falck said.

"The aim of the project was to create a learning program that skilfully guides the audience through the induction process through the use of audio, animation, pictures and simple interactive exercises, creating an experience that meets the company's key learning objectives in an engaging way.

"TCI's approach in engaging humour and storytelling to create a learning platform that is approachable and non-threatening has proven effective," he said.

"TCI has established itself as the 'go to' provider for induction and safety training for the mining and surrounding industries," Mr Falck said.

Mr Falck also presented one of the standout sessions of the conference, titled "eLearning SchmeLearning: A journey through the Myths and Nonsense surrounding eLearning". With 10 years' experience building digital learning solutions for small, large, and multinational corporations, Mr Falck shared the simple truths that help make eLearning projects successful.

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