Relationships Matter: LinkedIn

LinkedIn's slogan 'Relationships Matter' explains why the community website is the number one social media platform for professionals.

LinkedIn is not merely a fancy online resume for job seekers. It strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts enabling you to publish a detailed online resume, connect with colleagues, seek recommendations for work you have accomplished, explore interest groups, demonstrate your expertise and develop relationships around professional interests.

With more than 100 million registered users spanning more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is a source of raw possibilities and opportunities.

What are the essentials of a LinkedIn profile?
The framework of LinkedIn is similar to a resume; there is an area for your profile, to list current and past work experience, qualifications, memberships, certifications, skills and publications. As with a paper resume, keep your LinkedIn profile professional, double check spelling and update it at least quarterly. LinkedIn is online so if you do want to be found, be SEO savvy and use searchable keywords within your profile. To fully benefit from the functionality of LinkedIn jump in and explore the other features.

Crowdsourcing your profile
There are many ways to enrich your LinkedIn profile. You can post a microblog on the "share an update" feature, actively seek recommendations, answer questions and participate in discussions demonstrating your expertise. Activity highlights of your network are published on the weekly "LinkedIn Network Updates" email. For minimal effort this enables you to stay in front of your network, to keep a connection warm, and to provide fuel to start a conversation that may lead to a plethora of opportunities. If relationships matter to your professional career, a LinkedIn profile is essential.

Submitted by Heather Smith AIMM