AIM Rates as ecoBiz

AIM has been awarded ecoBiz partner status by the Sustainable Industries Branch of the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

ecoBiz partner status is awarded to organisations who are able to demonstrate better than 10 per cent efficiencies in power usage, water consumption and reductions in waste over a set period.

The process required the establishment of base line data that was compiled and reviewed utilising an ecoBiz toolkit supplied and supported by Sustainable Industries staff.

During the review timeframe, AIM invested in several energy efficiency programs put in place with approval of the AIM Board. Improvements to lighting, internal and external printing, and significant enhancements to catering and kitchen services (coinciding with the awarding of a 5-Star rating from BCC Eat Safe Program) all contributed to the economies at the end of the review period.

"Becoming an ecoBiz partner made us monitor very closely how we utilise our resources. The baseline data provided a picture of where AIM stands and the motivation to act and invest in a sustainable and efficient manner," said AIM CEO, Vivienne Anthon.

"It was a highly productive exercise that gave us access to a set of useful tools and a well-constructed method of examining and determining efficiencies in our waste, water and energy consumption and production. AIM would recommend the initiative to members," Ms Anthon said.

AIM continued its commitment to remaining an ecoBiz through recent refurbishment work to Management House over the 2011 Christmas period. The refurbishment of the Mezzanine level (including the Mackay and Brisbane Training Rooms, Executive Suite, Boardroom, Reception Area, Bookshop and Dining Hall) included the installation of energy-efficient air conditioners with automatic controllers, LED lights with motion sensors and the replacement of LCD screens with LED screens in the Bookshop and Dining Room. These works significantly increased energy efficiencies for more than half of the building.

For more information about the ecoBiz program and the benefits it will bring your organisation, please contact: Liam Richardson, Senior Project Officer ecoBiz Program, Sustainable Industries, Office of Climate Change, Department of Environment and Resource Management.
Telephone: 07 3330 5402