AIM Members Contribute

In reflecting on 60 years of supporting and enhancing management practice in Queensland and the Northern Territory, the Institute acknowledges the many members who contribute to its operations and offerings.

AIM Qld & NT CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM shared how members take up roles and responsibilities within AIM and give of their time, energy and resources to progress the mission of the Institute.

"It's the ways in which members put back into the Institute that truly makes ours a remarkable organisation. It drives our sense of community and identity," she said.

"Many members have special roles with us. Members serve on the Australian Institute of Management Qld & NT Board, and represent us at the highest level.

"Committees of the Board work to focus the Institute's efforts and support our strategic and operational direction. These include the Membership Committee of the Board, the Management Excellence Awards and Regional Services Committee of the Board, the Graduate School Academic Board and the Audit Committee. These committees consist of members who add value and specific expertise.

"We also thank local AIM Committee members. Over 60 senior managers volunteer their time to provide voice and visibility to management issues by sitting on regional committees throughout Queensland and through our Council in the Northern Territory.

"Every year during National Networking Week, the Institute hosts 'Open House' in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast to showcase the Institute to managers who may not have engaged with it before. Members are among those who present sessions at these days, and represent AIM membership to the newcomers.

"The AIM Speaking Group is an institution which has for many decades assisted members build confidence and competence in public speaking and presenting ideas. The group is member driven, and committed members meet in Management House every week.

"Members also sit on judging panels for the annual Management Excellence Awards program, interviewing outstanding managers worthy of recognition. In 2010, over 160 senior executives acted as judges in the Awards to support the regional and final judging process.

"Members volunteer their time, their expertise and their passion for management. During our 60th anniversary, we thank them deeply for their contributions to AIM," Ms Anthon said.