Brain Fitness: AIM Accepts the Challenge

The Australian Institute of Management - Qld & NT will be participating in the Brain Fitness Challenge, a team-based event hosted by the Florey Neuroscience Institute (FNI).

The Brain Fitness Challenge presents a series of cognitive brain exercises and challenges completed online over a seven day period. It is a corporate event that promotes teamwork, as groups of five work through different challenge levels testing perceptions and exercising different parts of the brain.

The event is a unique fundraising tool for Florey Neuroscience Institute, the foremost brain research centre in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the top ten neuroscience research centres in the world. Last year, 54 teams from 17 organisations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria raised over $50,000 for FNI's vital brain research.

Recent neurological research has identified that it is as important to undertake regular brain exercise as it is to exercise the body and have a nutritionally balanced diet. Since 2005, the global brain fitness market has grown 31 per cent a year and was worth $US 300 million last year.

AIM CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM said that corporations have taken to the Brain Fitness Challenge because of the growing interest in brain function.

"Mental fitness is a growing consideration for organisations employing an aging workforce," she said.

"On average, people are working longer into their lives and therefore having to keep their brains active and agile for longer.

"In line with elements like work/life balance, employee engagement and lifelong learning, organisations who take an interest in the area of brain training and mental fitness as a point of care can potentially secure greater productivity by looking after the minds of their employees," Ms Anthon said.

"AIM places great emphasis on neuroscience and the link between brain function and different forms of intelligence, individual performance and wellbeing - we refer to it in training, coaching and research activities. AIM Qld & NT will assemble a team for the Brain Fitness Challenge made up of members, staff and facilitators to carry the flag for us."

Ms Anthon also urged other organisations to form teams for the Brain Fitness Challenge.

"The Brain Fitness Challenge represents a great opportunity for companies to promote mental fitness within staff and raise money for important research. Funds raised assist FNI scientists in searching for cures to complex, debilitating and life threatening brain disorders that affect more than three million Australians every year," Ms Anthon said.

Registrations for the Brain Fitness Challenge open on 16 May 2011, with the event running from 10 August to 18 August 2011. To find out more, visit

If you would like to be a part of the AIM team, email