Senior Managers Make Connections

AIM brings together managers from a wide array of industries who find that they are intrinsically connected through the practice of management.

Mark Buchanan AFAIM is one manager operating in a specialised field who has made meaningful management connections through recent membership involvement with AIM.

Mr Buchanan is Queensland Regional Manager of Institutional Services for Ecolab, a global leader in sanitizing, food safety and infection prevention products and services.

The $6 billion company has more than 26,000 associates and delivers comprehensive programs and services in more than 160 countries. With a significant footprint in Queensland, Mr Buchanan manages chemical supply, operations, training and auditing with clients in aged care, health care and hospitality, and 15 direct reports across sales and service.

Mr Buchanan previously retained an AIM membership while working in another area of private enterprise, but admitted he was hesitant in rejoining considering his current line of work.

"In reconnecting with the Institute as a senior manager, I wasn't sure if what I do now would 'fit it' with the management crowd," he said.

"When people ask me 'What do you do?' and I tell them that I work for a chemical company, it can conjure up some negative connotations. It's quite hard to sum up all that we do in a sentence. In the past this may have driven me away from networking opportunities.

"I've attended and been invited to some recent events with AIM and met managers from a plethora of industries. As management peers, they tend to look past the job title to what you do and share challenges and experiences we all encounter as managers," Mr Buchanan said.

Mr Buchanan said that the Institute was a clear choice in seeking to progress himself and his team.

"As you move through the ranks of an organisation, it's easy to get a bit insular, and I've been looking for ways to improve myself and the business in the way we operate and make connections at an organisational level. With such regular exposure to training courses and people, I believe that the Institute is a great vehicle for this," Mr Buchanan said.