Graduate Pursues the MBA Dream

Member Peta Pitcher has leveraged study with the AIM Graduate School all the way to an MBA.

Peta Pitcher AIMM is the first Graduate School student to complete master's level study with one of AIM's partner universities. She completed an MBA at Griffith University over the past two years and will graduate in July 2011.

Agenda asked Peta about her academic journey and how she managed her demanding study load.

"I started the four-unit Graduate Certificate Professional Management with the AIM Graduate School in 2004, while at the same time starting a family and managing work commitments as the owner of the Mitchleton Child Care Centre," she said.

"I completed a fifth Graduate School subject which really provided an impetus to pursue articulation to an MBA. Obtaining a degree was something that was always niggling in the back of my mind. I got to a stage where I wanted to push myself academically, and found that once I started studying, I was hooked.

"Managing ongoing study took discipline and dedication. I would study most nights of the week, but owning and running my own small business allowed a certain element of flexibility that helped me in the end," Ms Pitcher said.

Peta recognised that the AIM Graduate School learning experience is very different from a university.

"As an AIM Graduate School student, you walk in on day one with dedicated materials prepared and laid out for you. It makes for a smooth transition for those who haven't studied before or haven't studied in a long time," she said.

"While postgraduate university study is more self-directed, as with AIM the learning outcomes are driven through peer encouragement and collaboration, which is most valuable," Ms Pitcher said.

Peta has now commenced another qualification with AIM - a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, with the aim of entering the VET sector as an educator.

AIM CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM said that Peta's story is significant to those currently enrolled in the AIM Graduate School, as well as others thinking of entering the program.

"Commencing postgraduate study can be a big step to take and when you start to balance study amongst other commitments, the finish line can at times seem far away," she said.

"The fact that Peta pursued the articulation path and is going onto more study with AIM is powerful and a real inspiration," Ms Anthon said.

Peta has also maintained membership with the Australian Institute of Management for a number of years. She said that as a small business owner she finds value in having collegial discussions and connecting with other professionals.

For more information on the AIM Graduate School and how you can take your study further, visit or call 1300 882 895.