New Award Category Announced

A Not-for-Profit Manager of the Year category of the Management Excellence Awards will be run throughout Queensland for the first time in 2011.

The category was first introduced in Brisbane in 2008 based on strong feedback from the business community, and will now be duplicated in each of the eight Awards regions throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The category will esteem not-for-profit managers who transform cultures, align the development of individuals in their organisation and manage the demands of diverse stakeholders.

Chair of the Management Excellence Awards Julie Boyd FAIM said that not-for-profit managers deserved stand-alone recognition in the Awards.

"The Not-for-Profit sector makes an important contribution to the community, the impact of which are sometimes overlooked," she said.

"Not-for-Profit managers work with complex inputs and much achieve outcomes which differ to those required of commercial managers in private enterprise.

"Over the past few years we have seen particularly strong entrants working in not-for-profit organisations in the areas of health care and community service. You only have to look at the calibre of past finalists in the Brisbane Not-for-Profit Award to see the high-level and purposeful managers that this category attracts," Ms Boyd said.

"The permeation of the Not-for-Profit Manager of the Year category in 2011 is an exciting development that shows the capacity of the Awards to evolve in recognising and celebrating great management in all forms," she said.

Nominees in the Not for Profit Manager of the Year Award must demonstrate an ability to manage complex tasks, people, processes and the macro-environment, effectively communicate their organisation's goals and vision to all stakeholders, be a role model in mentoring or other leadership activities and perform to budget.

Previous Brisbane Not for Profit Manager of the Year Award winners include CEO of the Electrical and Communications Association Malcolm Richards in 2008, CEO of Diabetes Australia - Queensland Michelle Trute in 2009 and Executive Director of Blue Care, Stephen Muggleton in 2010.

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