Managers Receive Ultimate Recognition

The 2011 Management Excellence Awards will identify and recognise Queensland's best managers in business, government and the not for profit sector.

The annual Awards program from the Australian Institute of Management has run throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory for almost 20 years and acknowledges managers who have achieved personal and professional excellence.

Chair of the Management Excellence Awards Julie Boyd said that the Awards are distinguished and provide 'ultimate recognition' to deserving managers.

"The Management Excellence Awards throw a spotlight on exceptional men and women. They are Australia's most prestigious awards for the individual manager," Ms Boyd said.

"The Awards truly are in a class of their own, as they celebrate the individual contributions and achievements of outstanding managers, rather than the businesses and organisations they work for or run.

"The Awards enable managers to be appreciated for endless hours of commitment to their craft, and skill in shaping performance, people and productivity. Quite simply, better managers make for better workplaces and that is important at an individual, organisational, sectorial and national level," she said.

"The Awards are powered by nominations from within local business communities. A nomination can result from a 'tap on the shoulder' from a co-worker, friend or peer for a manager who's made an impression on them. Managers can also self-nominate to set themselves on the Awards journey.

"The depth and breadth of talent nominated grows every year and we look forward to uncovering the inspired leaders of 2011. We will see emerging stars, talented regional managers, innovative business owners and leaders at the top of their game among this year's nominees," Ms Boyd said.

Award categories include Professional Manager of the Year, Owner Manager of the Year, Young Manager of the Year, Rural/Remote Manager of the Year and Not for Profit Manager of the Year - a new category for 2011.

"In 2011, a Not for Profit Manager of the Year category will run throughout Queensland for the first time," Ms Boyd explained.

"Not for Profit managers work with complex inputs and must achieve multifaceted outcomes. They deserve stand-alone recognition in the Awards.

"The new Not for Profit Manager category is an exciting development that shows our commitment to recognising and celebrating management in all forms," she said.

The Management Excellence Awards are designed to acknowledge some of the best managers and leaders across a range of industries. The Awards receive hundreds of nominations in each category annually.

The Management Excellence Awards also provide a unique platform for self-reflection, benchmarking and networking for nominees. Many past participants say that the Awards changed their lives and opened doors to new professional opportunities.

Nominations for the 2011 Management Excellence Awards can be lodged online at and close Friday 10 June 2011. Nominating is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. For more information, call 1300 882 895.