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The ability to hold diverse conversations with different stakeholders and outcomes is an important skill for managers at all levels. That is why AIM has selected 'Conversations' as the theme for the first AIM@Home series for 2011.

Five sessions, each at Management House and each reflecting a different form of conversation, will be held between Monday 21 and Friday 25 March 2011. The sessions are FREE and exclusive to AIM Personal and Corporate Members.

A range of experienced managers, educators and specialist communicators will share ideas and phrases for navigating some of the most important types of conversations for managers.

Registrations are essential. Secure your place and be a part of this popular event series.

AIM@Home is available exclusively for AIM Members. Join the Institute now to take part.

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Anne Gately

Monday 21 March 2011
Robust CONVERSATIONS: The resilient manager's essential skill
Featuring one of Queensland's leading and most engaging communications experts,
Anne Gately FAIM.

Rupert Bryce

Tuesday 22 March 2011
Featuring leadership development expert and executive coach,
Rupert Bryce.

John Driscoll

Wednesday 23 March 2011
CONVERSATIONS with Clout: The art of getting your way
Featuring managing director and sales performance educator,
John Driscoll.

Karen Schmidt

Thursday 24 March 2011
Featuring professional speaker, workshop leader and facilitator,
Karen Schmidt AIMM.

James Hallam

Friday 25 March 2011
How to Have a Performance CONVERSATION
Featuring independent business analyst, project manager and blogger,
James Hallam.