AIM Rallies for Flood Relief

The Australian Institute of Management has pledged immediate and ongoing support to individuals and organisations affected by the recent flooding disaster in Queensland.

The Institute will undertake a range of initiatives to support managers in Brisbane and throughout regional Queensland. These will be linked to providing managerial support and development as well as spending much needed funds to bolster local economies.

During the aftermath of the flooding in Brisbane, the AIM Qld & NT Board signed off an immediate cash donation of $50,000 to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.

Other AIM divisions around the country also promised to donate substantial resources, so that the united contribution under the AIM banner to the Appeal will amount to $100,000.

All proceeds from the What Women Want Raffle to be drawn at AIM’s 2011 International Women’s Day Debate will also be donated to the Flood Relief Appeal. Ticket sales for this iconic raffle are expected to generate between $30,000 and $40,000 on the day.

AIM CEO Vivienne Anthon FAIM said that in addition to the initial cash contribution, AIM Qld & NT will look to stimulate regional Queensland economies through increased spending with local businesses.

“AIM’s significant regional footprint in training and events means that we transact with many local suppliers, including venues and accommodation providers,” she said.

“We know that cash turnover for these businesses can be as important as other forms of support on offer, so we will be looking to increase our spending in these areas to help businesses in central and southern Queensland get back to normal.

“Some of our team have been greatly affected by this disaster. Our goal is to ensure that AIM is as purposeful and productive as possible so that we are in a position to assist and support managers and the massive effort that will be required to get Queensland back on its feet,” Ms Anthon said.

AIM staff will host three fundraising events internally over the coming months to support the relief effort.

Managers throughout the state that have been affected by the flood are encouraged to contact AIM if they require any assistance from the Institute.