Speaking Group Helps Members Shine

The AIM Speaking Group has helped countless members overcome the fear of public speaking and develop advanced communication skills.

The AIM Speaking Group is free and exclusive to AIM Personal and Corporate Members. For many years it has assisted members build confidence and competence in presenting and sharing ideas.

The Group meets regularly to practise the art of impromptu speaking, and other public speaking situations found in a corporate setting.

Current Speaking Group member, Sue Kasper AIMM, joined to overcome a fear of public speaking.

“As a Territory manager for a Manufacturing Company for the past 5 years, I struggled to handle the pressures of public speaking and presenting to groups of builders and tried to avoid it at every opportunity,” she said.

“I approached my Manager for some guidance and discovered the AIM Speaking Group,” Ms Kasper said.

“In a matter of months, through attending weekly AIM Speaking Group meetings, I developed skills to manage nerves and speak with confidence.

“I’m now able to effectively transfer my knowledge of products and their performance to clients and colleagues, while knowing that I’ve got the AIM Speaking Group behind me,” she said.

Ms Kasper has found the benefits of the AIM Speaking Group to be far-reaching.

“The Group has helped me to grow both professionally and personally, as my new communication skills cross over to social situations and truly impact my day to day life. I thank AIM for supporting this Group and implore other members to explore this unique opportunity,” Ms Kasper said.

Andrew Park AIMM, another member of the Speaking Group, said that the Group has transformed him into the communicator he wants to be.

“I used to marvel at those who could get up in front of a group of strangers, peers, or superiors and confidently present themselves and their point of view. That’s why I decided I wanted to be like them,” he said.

“My role demands that I present strategy to colleagues and customers all over the globe. They need to believe my message. With so many different cultures and languages I needed to develop skills in creating presentations and delivering them confidently.

“The AIM Speaking Group has given me a fantastic opportunity to learn, practice and improve my public speaking skills via a supportive environment and constructive feedback. I encourage members to join,” Mr Park said.

The Group holds regular daytime meetings on Tuesdays from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, with the first meeting for 2011 to be held on Tuesday 8 February.

AIM members are welcome to attend without any obligation to join. For more information, call 1300 882 895.