AIM Graduate School Units

AIM Graduate School units explore the core skills used by practising managers. Each unit is designed by managers for managers and is delivered by lecturers with significant practical experience in their chosen field. 

Units are offered as part of a Graduate Certificate Professional Management (4) and a Graduate Diploma Management Innovation (8), or as single units for professional development. 

  Graduate Certificate Professional Management Graduate Diploma Management Innovation
Leading, Managing & Developing People
Provides managers with knowledge of contemporary human resource management including useful tools and techniques to better understand self and manage others. 
Required Unit Required Unit
Managing Financial Resources
Assists managers to understand and analyse financial data and its impact on an organisation's success.  
Required Unit Required Unit
Managing Information
Examines the importance of understanding, capturing and managing knowledge and information in a rapidly changing world.
Required Unit Required Unit
Marketing for Managers
Assists managers to understand the fundamentals and practice of marketing in an Australian and global context and across industries and sectors.
Required Unit Required Unit
Managing Innovation
Explores the process of innovation at a tactical and strategic level. Students are challenged to create a culture of innovation where ideas are captured and transformed into viable projects.
  Required Unit
Managing, Developing & Implementing Strategy
Provides the tools to better understand and contribute to strategy and to align all resources with the organisation's strategy.
  Required Unit
Managing Operational Improvement
Equips students with practical frameworks to manage operations successfully through understanding and employing various concepts.
  Required Unit
Contemporary Leadership
Enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of what it is to lead and be led in a contemporary global environment.
  Required Unit


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