Article round-up from Twitter: January 2012

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Setting Realistic 2012 Business Goals (via Dynamic Business)

6 Simple Ways to Transform Your Business (via Flying Solo)

How to Turn a Meaningless Job Into a Meaningful Career (via MonsterThinking)

Visiting the Troops: Why Good Managers Spend Time Outside Their Offices (via John Baldoni at SmartBlog on Leadership)

Why Appreciation Matters So Much (via HBR)

Fostering Autonomy in a Team: 7 Lessons (via QAspire)

How to Know When You Need an Executive Coach (via Eric Jacobson On Management and Leadership)

A First Step Any Leader Can Take to Improve Employee Engagement (via Blanchard LeaderChat)

How Any Company Can Think Like a Startup (via Fast Company)

5 Ways to Get Better Innovation With Less Money (via 15inno @lindegaard)

10 Management Practices to Throw Overboard in 2012 (via BusinessWeek)

5 Lessons From a Professional Change Agent (via Forbes)

Be Kind to Your Co-workers, Or Else (via Inc.)

Losing Focus? 9 Ways to Concentrate at Work (via CBS MoneyWatch)

A Case For Being a 'Nice' Boss (via You're Not the Boss of Me)

Avoiding Pitfalls to Innovation (via BIA)

What's Your Influencing Style? (via HBR)

Why Narcissistic CEOs Kill Their Companies (via Forbes)

Learning to Lead the Old-Fashioned Way (via strategy+business)

10 Rules to work (and Live) By (via upstartHR)

Better Presentations with a Small Audience and a Big Room – 9 Success Tips (via Brainzooming)

7 Tips on How to Apologize in the Business World (via CBS MoneyWatch)

Video: 9 Ways Social Media Can Make You a Better Leader (via @terrystarbucker)

Don't be a Lazy Leader: 3 Bad Habits to Avoid (via Blanchard LeaderChat)

Are You Managing or Just Nagging? (via Great Leadership)

The Science Behind a Bad Mood and What You Can Do About it (via Lifehacker)

How Do You Handle Difficult Employees? (via TLNT)

How to Beat Post Holiday Blues on the Job (via @workawesome)

Why Stories Sell: Transportation Leads to Persuasion (via PsyBlog)

What Team Members Can (and Should) Do to Help Their Team Become High Performing (via Jesse Lyn Stoner)

The Power of Asking the Right Question (via Michael Hyatt)

10 Traits of Effective Leaders (via Leadership and Influence)

9 Productivity Tips for Working From Home (via OPEN Forum)

Being Curious About Curiosity (via management-issues)

15 Emotional Intelligence Traits of Highly Successful People (via Leaders. Better. Brighter)

How to Let Go Without Giving in (via Leadership FreaK)

A 7-Step Process to Achieving Your Goals (via HBR)

10 Essential Thoughts to Proficient People Skills (via @katenasser)

Improving Decision Making with the Ladder of Inference (via Management is a Journey)

Leadership and Emotional Reciprocity (via Lead Change Group)

10 Innovation Resolutions for 2012 (via BusinessWeek)

4 Ways Marketers Can Drive Revenue - and Prove it (via Fast Company)

Are You Running in Place When it Comes to Your Professional Development? (via @artpetty)

4 Steps to Knock Out Workplace Stress (via Inc.)

Instead of Killing Your Productivity With Multi-tasking, Try 'Set Shifting' (via Business Insider)

5 Ways to Establish Friendly Relationships at Work (via On the Job)

5 Ways to Become a More Authentic Leader (via Michael Hyatt International Leadership)

The Costs and Benefits of Office Design (via Office Snapshots)

The Downside of Proactivity (via Thinking is Hard Work)

Fundamental Advice for a Young Leader (via Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership Blog)

What Do People Want From Work? (via @ScottEblin)

10 Morning Habits that Promote Greater Success (via Leadership & Learning with Kevin Eikenberry)

3 Things Great Leaders Know About Managing Change (via Lead Change Group)

Where Do You Sit in a Meeting? The 4 Power Positions (via Beyond the Clinical)

5 Tips to Make Things Happen (via All Things Workplace)

3 Steps for a Positive Start to the New Year (via Blanchard LeaderChat)

A Manifesto's Unbridled Power (via In the CEO Afterlife)

5 Ways to Free Yourself From a Leadership Rut (via Forbes)

New Year's Resolutions: 7 Articles to Boost Your 2012 Inspiration (via Brainzooming)

A Better Place to Start the Year (via Adrian Gostick)

How to Start Your 2012 as a Leader (via Eric Jacobson on Management and Leadership)

Developing a Virtual Presence (via management-issues)

How to Start Thinking About Passion (via Alexandra Levit)

Why Asking Why is so Important (via Innovation Excellence)

The Best Productivity Tech of 2011 (via Time Management Ninja)



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